Thanks to our determined golfers and friends!!!!

 The Annual Harry Dotson Golf Marathon raised over $19,913 in pledges! 

We are so close to our $30,000 goal! To make a pledge (click here)

100 holes: 1 DAY 

We invite you to join us in the work of supporting our local children and young adults in Stanton with their families by participating in the

2010 Harry Dotson Golf Marathon and pledge drive presented by

Stanton Lions Club



Did you know? Boys & Girls Club of Stanton serves over 1,000 children each year in Club Programs that promote the Youth Development Strategy.   At The Boys & Girls Club we help our kids BE GREAT !  By promoting the development of young people by promoting the youth development strategy results show self-esteem is enhanced and an environment is created which helps boys and girls achieve their full potential.

 “Thank you for supporting the kids at The Boys & Girls Club”

Harry Dotson Golf Marathon Committee

Kevin McCarthy    John McShane

Larry Newman Matt DeRuyter

Club News

Every Member Every Year – A High School Dropout Outreach Program

Our newest program to launch in 2010 is called “Every Member Every Year.”  This is a high school dropout outreach program.  We are excited to get started with this effective and successful program, for our grade school students as well as with our teens and high school students.  In 2009 our kids had a wonderful season and a magical year.  We look forward to the opportunities to grow in the New Year of 2010!