Teen Department


Teens at  “Barnes & Noble”

September 23,2010


Bright Spot

As part of our initiative to promote both educational and leisure reading for adolescents.  Our partnership with the Walmart Foundation, “Bright Spot”, has given our teens an opportunity to receive one book of their choosing for the amount of…. zero dollars!


Thank you Walmart Foundation “Bright Spot” for all your support


    Boys & Girls Club of Stanton softball team playing at Torri Park against Capo B&G Club.



Boys & Girls Club of Stanton Teens Volunteer at the Irvine Lake Park Mudrun!     

 On April 10th, 2010 Tim took a group of teens to the Irvine Lake Mudrun. Every one had a blast! It was a day to remember. Teens helped out by cheering on , encouraging, directing, and giving out water to participants in the mudrun. We arrived at 7am at the course and helped to the afternoon.    




O.C Sheriffs Class  

O.C. Sheriff's Class on the Explorer Program O.C. Sheriff’s Class on the Explorer ProgramWelcome to our newly remodeled Teen Center.  Get help with homework, find interesting topics on the internet, or read something from our teen library. We also have fun and exciting games on PS3, or XBox.Like Softball? Baseball? Basketball?Join our teams.  We also have a huge gym to shoot hoops all you want.  Come make new friends!Also for Teens: College Prep Do you want to go to college?  Are you unsure about what it involves?  Find out by joining us on our next field trip to local colleges.   We have field trips to Cal State Fullerton, Golden West, CalState Long Beach, and Cypress College.  Need college direction, we can help! Money Matters: Make it Count!Make sure you are signed up for this important program starting soon.  Learn about Career Launch, Club Tech, Driver Zed, and more.  EVERY MEMBER EVERY YEAR is starting now!  Every Member Every Year is a High School graduation Strategy that targets the high school drop out epidemic that is affecting America each year reaching as much as almost one-third of all public high school students.  Boys & Girls Clubs of Stanton is committed to do our part. Our teens future is very important to us and we want to help out any way we can.  If you know of a someone who needs support, let us know.  This is what we offer: Helping youth cope with real-world issues. Boys & Girls Clubs has excellent programs in place and caring professionals to address these real-world issues.  Providing connections with positive role models   Providing positive role-models and people who care to promote better life decisions.   Tracking and supporting youth throughout high school.  Through dynamic partnerships with community schools, we are able to maintain relationships with youth through their high-school education, BGC can address Teens academic, personal and social obstacles through high school graduation. Our Teens in 2009 Energy Star Projects 2009-2010Our teens are helping put together events that teach the importance of saving energy. The first event we had was called, “Go Green Community Kickball”, teens shared how to save electricity, water, and the importance of recycling. Then they coached four teams that had environmentally friendly names like “The Blue Water Savers” and the “White Twirly Lights.” Everyone had lots of fun.1st and 2nd Place




Lights ON Afterschool           

The second event was part of our annual “Lights On Afterschool” event. We had parents and members work together on EPA worksheets (One designed by one of our teens), they also had a “EnergyStar Search” game in the gym that kept them moving, a fun physical activity, and also parents and members designed their own CFL energy saving lightbulb.     Our third Energy Star event was titled “Give Thanks- Save Energy” parents and family were invited to have a “Turkey Dinner” and visit our Energy Star Booth to receive “Energy Star” brochures and share how they save energy at home, and discuss new ways they can save energy.           

Our fourth and final Energy Star project was called “Spring Up & Save Energy”, it took place on Monday April 19th, 2010. These past four events brought parents and community members locally to “take a pledge” to save energy in their homes and in their community. Every event featured energy-saving related games and activities; every parent attending the events received a raffle ticket for a 32″ flat screen Energy Star TV. The event included a hotdog dinner for all participants and a chance to win a 32″ flat screen Energy Star TV that was donated by the “Best Buy” store in Westminster. The event was a success thanks to the EPA for the materials and CFL bulbs that all our participants received, and to the “Best Buy” of Westminster for the 32″ flat screen Energy Star TV.          





October 2009        

 We started a program called “The Purpose to Travel”. The past five years of this program has been a great success. Our teens get to travel and play a sport that brings guys and girls together. Its fun to see them practice teamwork. Our final Energy Star project          

August 2009 On Mondays Tim the Teen Director taught a “Money Matters” class for teens. Teens that participated learned the importance of budgeting, how to manage a checkbook, how to use a credit card, and how to save money.          

July 2009 The teens took a trip to the beach and enjoyed running through the sand, jumping into the water, and snacking on hotdogs and smores.     


Teens can prepare for their future with-
“Project: AIM FIRE”. AIM FIRE is an acronym for Ambition In My Future In Retaining Excellence. This program was created to inspire young adults to be successful, by instilling in them the importance of preparing for their future, and to strengthen their desire to reach and maintain excellence throughout life. Hopefully each member will AIM to reach their full potential and FIRE to accomplish their aspired short and long term goals. Objectives include: Taking part in a group environmental or Good Cause Project, visiting and tour college(s), attending a job fair, “Club Community Service”, creating a fundraiser, Money Matters program (or equivalent program), Big Brother/Big Sister Program, and planning a teen event (ex. dance, tournament). When the eight objectives are completed a $200 Ipod will be rewarded.          

Teen Club Credit Program.
In this program teen members will get credit for the homework they do, volunteering throughout the Club, and teen projects. Teen projects include “Driver Zed”, a virtual behind the wheel program for teens preparing to get their drivers license, also taking care of our Teen Shrubbery, and reading magazines about Character Building, Hispanic Heritage, Living without Hate, and Computer Technology, then completing hand-outs. Teens are responsible for their own folders, filling them out and having staff approve and sign. The teens make their own prize goals; 20 credits would be equivalent to a CD/Movie and 100 credits would be equivalent to a video game.
RBI Baseball/Softball League – Sponsored by Angels of Anaheim Sign-ups are in January for the free league that plays March through June. Every year we enjoy free Angel games, fun travel games, and a sweet banquet at the stadium, when we receive our medals!

2nd Place! Stanton Girls!      


Teens & Staples
Staples has a new way for Club youths to raise awareness of recycling and raise funds too. Our teens are collecting used/empty printer cartridges, any make from any printer. For every cartridge we turn in to Staples we receive $3.00 back. What a deal, if you have any questions you may contact our Teen Director Tim for details.          

Orange County Register November ’06
IRVINE – Taco Bell announced today that it is offering a lifetime of Taco Bell food to the first person who agrees to trade a new PlayStation 3 game console. Taco Bell will then donate the PlayStation 3 to the Stanton Teen Center of the Boys & Girls Club. “The PlayStation 3 is on every teen’s holiday wish list,” said Bob Fulmer, Taco Bell Foundation executive director. “That’s why we’re offering one lucky individual tacos for life in exchange for giving Boys & Girls Club teens a gift that will keep them in the game.”          

Update 10/21/09: The teens have been enjoying Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero 5, Van Halen, and Burnout:Paradise City.